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For nearly 20 years our goal has been to provide our customers with quality service. Each member of our team is highly qualified.

Outdoor veterinary service
- 024 4 876 502

Contact us should you require any help. !

- Guidance,
- Curing livestock,
- Vaccination of livestock,
- Artificial insemination,
- Cesarean operation on cows,
- Ultrasound diagnostics, treatment of infertility (diagnosis of gestation from the 27. day with the help of ultrasound),
- Diagnosis of metritis,
- Ovarian cyst,
- Creation of metabolic profiles for optimized feeding,
- Correction of claws and hooves,
- Diagnosis and curing of lameness,

Pet praxis - 024 4 876 502

Contact us should any of the following happen: :

- if your pet doesn’t accept food,
- when your pet is moody,
- coughs,
- scratching itself,
- or if you experience anything out of the ordinary.

- Guidance,
- Vaccinations (combined vaccinations against infectious diseases, rabies),
- Microchip implants,
- Issuing of travel documents,
- On the spot blood analysis (results are done in half an hour)
- Quick tests,
- Analysis of mucus,
- Examination of skin scrapings,
- Examination of stool for helminth,
- Széklet vizsgálata bélféreg jelenlétére,
- Otoscopic ear examination,
- Removal of foreign objects from the ear,
- Removal of tooth scale via ultrasound,
- Ultrasound diagnostics,
- Inhalatory anesthetics,
- Vasectomies,
- Correctional surgery (eyelid, blow hole, soft palate).

Pet cosmetics - 024 4 876 502

If your pet requires cosmetics, if you are preparing it for a contest, or just want it to have a bath, contact us!
Tisa-Vet - Magyarkanizsa

- Bath,
- Sheering,
- Trimming,
- Braiding,
- Clipping,
- Ear cleaning,
- Medical bath,
- Preparation for contest.


We have a large variety of external and internal dewormers, pills, shampoos, sprays, spot-ons, in the form of collars.
Tisa-Vet - Magyarkanizsa

- Nutritional supplements,
- A wide range of medicine for livestock,
- Ear cleaning salves,
- Vitamins,
- Healing salves and sprays,
- Disinfectants,
- Insecticides.

Pet Shop

Should you require anything, contact us!
Tisa-Vet - Magyarkanizsa
Tisa-Vet - Magyarkanizsa
Tisa-Vet - Magyarkanizsa
Tisa-Vet - Magyarkanizsa

For dogs
Dry foods, canned foods, pates, salamis, treats, teethcleaners, collars, leashes, flexies, harnesses, toys, clothes, diapers, transporters, cages, bowls, blankets, pillows, beds, travelling equipment, bags, chains, muzzles, combs, sliding doors.

For cats
Dry foods, canned foods, sauces, salamis, collars, harnesses, toys, transporters, bowls, drinkers, mint, cat litter, toilets, shovels, scraper, combs, blankets, sliding doors.

For birds
Foods, cages, drinkers, feeders, nests, sepias, crystals, toys.

For rodents
Foods, feeders, drinkers, cages, toys, rock, salt, wood chips.

Food for fish or turtles; aquariums and the necessary equipment, heaters, filters, pumps, decorations, magnets, nets, thermometers, cleaning solvents.